Annual general meeting and 2019 ReGiONAL Events


The Annual General Meeting of the Warlords for 2018 will be held in the church hall on 12.00 on Saturday 2 February. All members are asked to attend if possible to ensure we have a quorum. The 2018 financial accounts will be sent out to all members a week in advance.

ValleyCon / CHARICON - Feb 2019

The Hutt Valley Wargamers are holding Valleycon as a local event in their own premises this year. The normal Upper Hutt venue (Expressions) is being earthquake strengthened and the air conditioning improved. The Club is focusing on running ChariCon on 23-24 February 2018, in support of the Cancer Society. Click on the link for details: Charicon 2019

Nationals (natcon) easter 2019

This is being hosted by the Kapiti Wargames Club at Paraparumu on 19-21 April 2019. Clink on the link for details: Natcon 2019

upcoming club Events

Upcoming Club meeting events are listed on our Facebook page:

Participation Gaming Schedule 2018- 2019

General Games

Greeting Warlords members,

Attached is our (mostly) historic group’s gaming schedule for the upcoming 12 months at the club. This is a living document, so it will be amended and updated as we progress throughout the year. We are sharing our programme with the wider Warlords membership so that you have the opportunity to participate in any of these if you so desire. If you would like to join us in one or more of these games, please contact/email me. For prospective members interested in visiting/participating, contact the Warlords via the Club Contact page.

Cheers, Simon

Gaming Schedule 2018-19 (please click the link at left to open the pdf)

Flames of War ,Tanks and Gaslands

In addition to the above Stu is running a series of games for Flames of War, Tanks and Gaslands in 2019. Contact him if you are interested in participating in any of these games.

Tanks Gaming Schedule 2019