St Patrick's Hall Opening and Closing Times

Friday 3 August - The hall will be open on the evening of Friday 3 August from 5.30 pm for the organisers to set up the tables for the convention. Attendees and umpires/organisers are welcome to come in to pre-set up their own tables from 6.30 pm (any help for the general set up would also be welcome from anyone available). It is anticipated that the set up will be completed by about 8.45 - 9.00 pm. Note: when the organisers are finished setting up on Friday, we will lock up the hall, so give yourself sufficient time if you want to take this opportunity (e.g. don't turn up at 8.50 pm and expect to spend an hour setting up). Warlords-supplied terrain will be available on Friday.

Saturday and Sunday 4-5 August - The hall will be open to attendees from 8.00 am each day. It will be closed at approximately 7.00 pm on Saturday and when we finish cleaning it on Sunday.

Game Start Times

The first games each day will begin at 9.00 am unless otherwise specified by umpires. Thereafter timings will be as each event umpire/organiser arranges them, depending on the duration and number of games played each day.

Name tags will be provided for all attendees (including demonstration/display gamers). These will be at the entrance on Saturday morning. Please pick them up as you arrive and wear them over the two days.

Opening Address at Call To Arms

The Organising Committee will give a 5 minute (maximum) opening address at 8.50 am on Saturday to welcome attendees and provide the mandatory health and safety/house and grounds notices. Your full attention to this would be appreciated (i.e. please don't converse and continue to set up games during this very short period).

Rules/Policies/Conditions of Hall Use

Smoking - This is prohibited anywhere within the College grounds, including the facilities and outside grounds [St Patrick's policy].

Car Parking - Cars may not be parked in the garage vicinity or in areas marked as prohibited for parking. Cars may not be driven over or stand on the brick paved areas at any time. Cars may park in the school grounds including the quad but not in the area adjacent to the garages. Cars parked in violation of these requirements may be towed away [St Patrick's policy].

Fixtures - No alterations are to be made to the positioning of any permanent lights, lampshades, hangings at the back of the stage, curtains or fixtures [St Patrick's policy].

Tidiness - Wheelie rubbish bins will be provided inside the hall and there are jumbo bins outside. Please tidy up after yourselves and dispose of any rubbish in the bins.

Damages - Please report any damages or other issues (e.g. toilet paper running out etc), if and when they occur, to the Organising Committee.

Fire Alarms - Should the alarm go off, please vacate the hall and move to the area in front of the College at the main entrance driveway.

Organising Committee Notices/Policies

Registration Payments - Attendees must have paid all registration fees owed prior to attending CTA on Saturday morning (i.e. you can't turn up and pay on the first day) except by special arrangement with the Registrar.

Early Bird Discount - The early bird discount expires on tbc. A further day's grace will be given as some bank transfers can take up to 24 hours to occur. All registration fees must therefore be received in the Warlords' bank account on or before tbc to get the discount. The discount applies only to competition events.

Warlords Discount - Warlords members are entitled to a $5 discount when registering in competition events (in addition to the early bird discount).

Refunds - Attendees who register their intention to withdraw from CTA to the Registrar by email before 3 August will be refunded any fees they have paid. Subsequent requests for refunds (e.g. not showing up to CTA without prior notification and requesting a refund after the fact) will be at the Organising Committee's discretion.

Competition Results - Results from some CTA competitions may be supplied to national ladders and/or rankings by the umpires. If you do not want your name to be included, please ask the umpire to remove it. The Organising Committee has asked the umpires to advise players of this and give them the option to remove their details if they choose to, where results are promulgated for this purpose.

Security - The Organising Committee will take all necessary care but no responsibility for the security of items at CTA, as it is an event open to the public and we cannot provide a guarantee against theft or loss. Please keep an eye on your own items and valuables at all times. The hall will be locked in the evening and is alarmed at night with a resident custodian at the colllege after hours. Items left in the hall overnight are left there at the owner's risk.

Bring and Buy Tables -  These will be provided in front of the hall stage for attendees to sell items relating to the wargaming hobby in general, including books. Please ensure you clearly denote/label all items for sale with the asking price, the owner's name and where to find him/her in the hall for prospective buyers. The Warlords provides an area for bring and buy items as a free service. All sales are a private transaction between the buyer and seller. The Warlords will not become involved in disputes over sales and it is up to sellers to keep an eye on their own items. It is fine to bring items from non-attendees to sell, as long as they are relevant to the hobby and a CTA attendee takes responsibility for them.

Medals and Prizes - CTA is intended to be a regional club convention designed to promote the Wellington Warlords and the wargaming hobby in general. Medals will be provided for all competitions as per the umpire/organiser's requirements for that competition. CTA does not fund prizes for competitions as this would add considerably to the registration cost and the intention is to provide a relatively low cost event for attendees. Any prizes provided are normally the result of sponsorship obtained by either the Warlords or event umpires.

Photographs - Please ask gamers for permission to take pictures of their games at CTA first, as a common courtesy.

Traders - Traders will be attending as commercial vendors selling their products at CTA. Please bring your wallets and take the opportunity to purchase items by these traders supporting the hobby and the convention.

Catering - Refreshments at CTA will be provided from the hall kitchen by Crossroads Community Creche volunteers (the same provider as for CTA 2018). This is a fund raising effort and 100% of the profits from the hall kitchen go to the creche. Refreshment sales from the kitchen are cash only.

Visitors - Visitors are welcome to come along free to CTA.

Please respect the above rules to ensure we have a great convention for both attendees and organisers alike.