Membership in the Warlords for a calendar year costs $50.

Non-working/retired/in full time tertiary study is $20 a year. Student (i.e. still at secondary school is $10 a year. Out of town members (i.e. not living in the Greater Wellington area) are $10 a year.

Warlords members receive a discounted rate for registering in Call to Arms competition events. Local tournaments and one-day events (i.e. held at the Warlords) are normally free for members.

VISITORS and prospective members

Visitors (i.e. spectators) are welcome at any time.

Prospective new members are welcome to attend and play games for free up to 3 times without joining the club. This is to allow them the opportunity to decide if they like wargaming and/or want to join the club over the course of playing in a few games. After that point, they need to join the Warlords if they want to continue to game at the club.

This initial 3 x free visits is available to newcomers to the hobby and gamers who are new to the Warlords (e.g. who have moved to Wellington from somewhere else). This is not available to former Warlords members who should be familiar with the hobby and the club, and who should be able to decide at the outset if they want to re-join.

CASUAL GAMERS (excluding Tournaments and one-day events)

Members can bring visitors from outside the Wellington region to the club for a one-off game. e.g. invite a visiting friend from Auckland in for a game. In these circumstances, they are not expected  to join the Warlords if they are in Wellington just for a single visit.

Other than one-off out of town visitors (above), newcomers to the hobby and gamers new to the Warlords, you have to join (i.e. pay a subscription) to play at the club, except for tournaments and one-day events (see below).

We do not offer the ability to pay table fees for casual games (i.e. pay a fee for the table each occasion you game at the club instead of paying an annual membership subscription).

TOURNAMENTS and One-day events

These are open to all gamers, not just Warlords members. Tournaments are normally free for Warlords members. A $15 fee per tournament/one day event applies to non-members. See the Events page for details of these.