21 Apr 18

DBMM Player Pack uploaded.


19 Apr 18

Confirmed the competitions on the Competitions and Player Packs page plus CTA Committee details.


18 Apr 18

Flames of War Player Pack and Information Pack uploaded.

Added details on competitions offered (further changes are still possible) and the fees schedule (same as for 2017). Note this year, the 40k, Age of Sigmar and DBMM competitions each have a cap on the number of players (40, 40 and 16 respectively). Early registrations for 40k are quite strong.


17 Apr 18

40k Player Pack and 40k Player Mission Pack uploaded.


15 Apr 18

Registrations for CTA are now open.

Lord of the Rings will not be offered at Call to Arms this year.


22 Mar 18

Competitions confirmed to date are: 40k, Age of Sigmar, DBMM (28mm) and Malifaux (2 day event this year).

Other competitions planned, but still to be finalised are: Flames of War and Lord of the Rings.

Competitions will be capped at a maximum of 40 x entries in 2018.

Demo games confirmed to date include Dystopian Wars and Napoleonics.

Rates are unchanged from 2017: $60 per competition entry / $45 if paid 2 weeks prior to CTA (early bird rate), Demo games $25 per 6x4 table per day. Warlords members will received a further $5 discount for competition entry.


Call to Arms 2018 will be held on 4-5 August 2018 at St Patrick's College hall in Kilbirnie, Wellington.