22 July     GENERAL UPDATE. The hall is full and no further registrations will be taken for all competition events except as reserve spots. There are two more days until the expiry of the early bird registration discount.

17 July     As of today no further registrations will be taken for Age of Sigmar and Malifaux competitions, except as reserve spots. Due to the high level of registrations for CTA, space is limited and the organisers/umpires have agreed to cap these competitions at their current levels (AoS = 38, Malifaux = 12).

16 July     Flames of War competition cancelled. The umpire has decided to cancel this competition due to a lack of registrations three weeks out from CTA. Those registered already will be offered a refund or transfer to another competition. After being strong in numbers in the last few years, this competition just hasn't attracted enough entries in 2017, whereas other genres have exceeded our expectations.

14 July     GENERAL UPDATE: Registrations to date are ahead of our expectations. We are about 80% full and there is now only capacity to register about another 25-30 people before we reach the desired maximum attendees number (i.e. the hall's optimum capacity). Once we reach this figure, we will not take any further registrations except to provide an additional competitor for events with an odd number of players or to replace people withdrawing. If you are still intending to register for Call to Arms, then please do so as soon as possible (and take advantage of the early bird discount that expires in 10 days).

14 July     Updated the CTA General information page with amended timings (hall closing) and other minor details.

13 July     The traders confirmed for Call to Arms are Modelcrafts & Hobbies, Kapiti Pharmacy and Battlekiwi.

13 July     Warhammer 40k Player Pack (v1.1 final) updated. Includes more FAQ's, new codexes and the first tournament reports.

2 July        GENERAL UPDATE: Registrations just over a month out from the convention are very good (ahead of last year at the same point) with particularly strong numbers for Age of Sigmar. There is a possibility now of the hall being completely filled, for which we will stop taking registrations at a certain point (we will not jam in more people beyond a comfortable number). Please get your registration in now to avoid any later disappointment, especially for demo/display games that can be harder to accommodate for space. The 25% early bird discount expires after 24 July.

2 July        Added a CTA 17 General Information page to provide information on timings, conditions on the use of the hall and general notices for attendees.

1 July        Warhammer 40 Player Pack uploaded.

11 June      Age of Sigmar Player Pack (v1.8) uploaded, along with AOS Battle Pack.

8 June        Warhammer 40K Player Pack uploaded.

3 June        Flames of War Player Pack uploaded.

28 May      Hobbit Player Pack (v1) re-uploaded with corrections made.

21 May     Malifaux Player Pack (v2) uploaded.

21 May     Hobbit Player Pack (v1) uploaded. Note: convention dates and payment cut-off dates quoted in this pack are incorrect, but competition details are correct)

21 May     Kings of War Player Pack (v1) uploaded.

19 May     Malifaux Player Pack (v1) uploaded.

17 May     DBMM Player Pack (v1) uploaded.

7 May      Dystopian Wars Player Pack (v1) uploaded.

2 May      Warhammer 40k - 8th edition rules will be used at CTA 17.  The 40k player pack will be released shortly after the release of 8th edition. 40k will be competitive play, not narrative or open style. The player pack will be one of the last to be uploaded. This is expected to be circa 18 June.

23 April    Age of Sigmar Player Pack (v1) uploaded.