Warlords Wargaming Schedule 2019
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17th Aug Michail Woolf
Stu Davidson
Flames of War
31st Aug John Tailby Sage Melee
7th Sept Peter Dunn
Stu Davidson
40k Long War V
Learn to play Gaslands, 0930-1145 hrs
21st Sept Simon Eaton
Stu Davidson
6mm Traveller planetary combat, Striker Zero, Riverine Ops
FOW Operation Market Garden, multiplayer event
29th Sept Peter Dunn 40k Fields of Blood
5th Oct Simon Eaton
John Tailby
6mm Traveller planetary combat, Striker Zero
DBA 28mm Wars of the Roses
19th Oct Stu Davidson Flames of War
2nd Nov John Tailby
Stu Davidson
Saga Melee
Learn to play FOW, 0930-1145 hrs
16th Nov Stu Davidson TANKS mini competition open
30th Nov Stu Davidson Gaslands mini competition open
7th Dec be the first to put a demo on
21st Dec Jake Collins 20mm WWII